Pablo López

Pablo López’s ‘Santa Libertad Tour’ arrives on July, 21st to Escena Gandia. Among all sold outs made in every venue, the new and acclaimed album, ‘Camino, fuego y libertad’, in his own words “I have mixed everything, my life, my story, even my house”, it is the most intimate and emotional album until now, it supposes a milestone in his career.


‘Loco por cantar’, Raphael’s tour with his new songs and his all-time hits will take place in Escena Gandia on July, 22nd with a dedicated show in where the songs of his new album, Infinitos Bailes, composed by the most famous artists in the music industry, will be the main part of a renovated show where Raphael will completely impress all his loyal fans.


Escena Gandia greets CantaJuego on July, 27th with their new spectacle: ‘Yo tengo derecho a jugar’. It’s the new proposal of this successful group who has been touring for the past 10 years uninterrupted, calling up all the family to sing, dance and participate to the rhythm of their catchy tunes.


Gandia will be able to enjoy the Spanish rock reference, Loquillo, on July, 28th, owner of a songbook -undamaged over the years- that will make all kind of public reunite on his shows. After selling all the tickets at important venues such as Las Ventas’ Bullring or at the WiZink Center in Madrid, he’s back to offer the best to his public.


Noventeros will reunite the lovers of the 90’s music on July, 29th at Escena Gandia, letting us remember all those wonderful years in a unique show with invited artists of that time and with a spectacular staging that will not disappoint anybody.


Colombian superstar Juanes, multiple times GRAMMY and 23 times Latin GRAMMY winner, comes back to Spain. The Escena Gandia Festival will receive the star on August, 2nd in a special show in which he will be presenting  his new album as well as reviewing all his greatest hits to the city of Gandia.


On August, 4th, Bunbury’s ‘Ex-Tour’ will arrive to Escena Gandia. After the release of his latest album, Expectativas, an ambitious, vibrant and breathtaking project found among his main works, will make this tour lead us to the way of surviving to confusion, which takes place every day of our lives, seeing Bunbury live will definitely point us to the right side.